This is the preliminary programme of the ERIS 2021 conference.

Please, check back for updates!

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List of selected papers for inclusion in the Proceedings (in alphabetical order of authors’ names):

Boyko Bantchev. Computing at our Fingertips: Four Sketches
Bozhan Orozov, Daniela Orozova. An AI Application in E-Learning
Georgi Tuparov, Daniela Tuparova. Gamification in Higher Education – a Pilot Study with SQL Course
Karina Agafonova, Kseniya Bekisheva, Olga Drabenia, Arina Petrova, Krassimira Ivanova. How do People Read Science Fiction and Why it is Popular: Common Tendencies and Comparative Analysis
Magda Marek. Aspects of Road Safety: A Case of Education by Research – Analysis of Parameters Affecting Accidents
Maria Nisheva-Pavlova. AI Courses for Secondary and High School – Comparative Analysis and Conclusions
Mariya Zhekova, George Pashev, George Totkov, Silvia Gaftandzhieva. Automated Extraction of Values of Quantitative Indicators to a Quality Evaluation System Using Natural Language Analysis Tools
Mariya Zhekova, George Pashev, George Totkov. Implementing Semantic Search in Decision Support System
Milena Dobreva. Disinformation research in smaller languages. A case study and first steps in Bulgaria
Nikolay Handzhiyski, Elena Somova. Тhe Expressive Power of the Statically Typed Concrete Syntax Trees
Rositsa Doneva, Silvia Gaftandzhieva, Stanislava Bandeva. Best Practices for Using Data Analytics Tools in Universities: State-of-Play
Silvia Gaftandzhieva, Rositsa Doneva, Mariya Docheva. Digital Maturity Level of Bulgarian Primary and Secondary Schools
Stoyan Denchev, Kristina Varbanova-Dencheva. Education 4.0 – 5.0 and the Post-Information Transformation of University Libraries
Todor Tsonkov, Gergana Lazarova, Valentin Zmiycharov, Ivan Koychev. A Comparative Study of Extractive and Abstractive Approaches for Automatic Text Summarization on Scientific Texts