• Atmospheric venue: The conference is always hosted in Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe with over 8000 years of history, the second largest city in Bulgaria, a city of vibrancy and elegance which brought it the status of European Capital of Culture in 2019, the first ever for Bulgaria.
  • Plenty of opportunities to explore: Being set among seven hills, it is the hometown of archaeological sites from the Roman times, including a Roman Amphitheatre which is still in use, the Old Town with opulent houses from the period of Bulgarian revival and charming cobbled streets.
  • Convenient and affordable travel: The prices for accommodation are very reasonable – and Plovdiv is a transport hub with an airport, served by RyanAir, Wizz, Arkia, Jet2, Pegasus and other companies, with direct flights to the UK, Germany, Turkey, Israel, Ireland.
    For those arriving to Sofia airport, the trip to Plovdiv is about an hour and a half long . Both Sofia and Plovdiv enjoy good public transportation.

In a nutshell, you can come to meet the best of Bulgarian academia while securing a gold open-access publication if your paper is accepted – and enjoy the special atmosphere of Plovdiv.